Training Videos

Training Videos

We have developed a range of video training packages to help you use the power of video to enhance your training programme, designed to free your time up as a manager and deliver training materials in a more compelling and interactive style.

Interactive eLearning

Custom design a programme of training videos delivered in an interactive video player. Immediate feedback tools to assess further training requirements. Securely hosted via the web or hosted internally through your business network.

Full Service Training Videos

Use the power of video to deliver your training content to staff in a more memorable and interactive style. Save time by rerunning the videos to deliver core training elements, allowing you to focus on key issues and quality face-to-face training time.

Co-produced Videos

A more cost effective method if you have your own video camera to record and we then edit and produce the interactive training tools. Basic video training and production guidelines and checklists are available to help you get the best out of your videos.